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Enhancing the abilities of riders through horseback riding 

Welcome to our nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children with disabilities through therapeutic horseback riding.

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Tailored Therapy Sessions 

Discover our range of services, including individual therapy sessions, engaging group activities, and specialized horseback riding programs. Our dedicated team of occupational therapists and trained instructors work together to provide a unique and impactful experience for children with disabilities.

Our individual occupational therapy sessions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each child. By incorporating horseback riding as a therapeutic tool, we create a dynamic and engaging environment for growth and development.


  • Personalized treatment plans for every child

  • Experienced therapists trained in equine-assisted therapy

  • Safe and supportive environment for therapeutic progress


Therapeutic Riding, also known as Adaptive Riding, offers students with physical, intellectual, and/or psychological diagnoses the opportunity to learn horseback riding skills with the use of adaptive equipment and support, based on each individual’s needs.

Our lessons are scheduled in 10-week sessions (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall). Each lesson lasts 30 minutes and may have one, two, or occasionally three students participating.

The cost of a 10-week session, including, lesson fees and session fee is $750. Scholarship applications are available upon request.

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