We love our horses!

Our horses are chosen specifically for their gentle natures. Currently, we have four amazing horses, each with a special personality. (Scroll down for their pictures and bios).

Our team of experts

Our horses are very well cared for by our veterinarian, Dr. Ruth V. Sobeck and our farriers, Keith and Rachael DeYoung and Dr. Larry Kelly is our equine dentist. Just like people, senior horses need extra care to keep them healthy and we are thankful to have this wonderful team to provide the best care.

What we feed

Our horses are fed alfalfa, timothy pellets, and O&M as a base for supplements and medications. Our caregivers make sure that each horse has plenty of fresh, clean water every day (horses drink 10 to 15 gallons per day). Our good friends at Lomita Feed keep us well supplied with all our horses' nutritional needs.

Our team of care givers

Ride to Fly care givers and exercise riders are at the barn every day to make sure all supplements and necessary medications are given regularly, the horses are groomed, exercised and get social interaction. Our stablehand feeds the horses and cleans the stalls twice a day.

Meet our horses!

Prince Charming

Prince Charming (aka Charming or PC) was foaled in 1996. He is a Welsh/Arab bay gelding pony. Standing at 14.2 hands, he is just the right size for our beginning riders and our smaller, more experienced students. Prior to coming to Ride To Fly, he was owned by one of our volunteers who showed him for six years. His discipline is english, she also jumped him in competition. He is a "furry bear" in the winter, and, a sleek looker in the summer, he has been at the Ride To Fly barn since July 2013. This little boy gets all of our new participants off to a wonderful start.


Bailey is 18 years old. She is a Quarter Horse but looks like she could have some Thoroughbred and Warm Blood in her, too. Bailey is 14.3 to 15 hands tall. Her color is Bay with one white sock on her near rear leg and her mane and tail are jet black. She has a great disposition and good ground manners. She has worked in a Pony Club on Catalina Island for the last 5 years. Not too long ago she had a run-in with a bull Buffalo on a trail ride and no longer was willing to go out on the trails on Catalina.  


Roco Bar Town

Roco Bar Town aka Big Bird is the newest and youngest member of our herd. He was foaled on May 12, 2014.  He is a Palomino gelding who is 16 hands and 1300 lbs. He is a big boy, but has an even bigger personality.  He is sweet and quiet and nothing seems to bother him. He came to us from a ranch in Montana, so airplanes flying over are a novelty. One went over the barn, he walked out of the stall, looked up then went back into the stall and continued eating lunch.

How we measure our horses

A “hand” is a type of measurement used in describing how tall a horse is. A hand is equal to 4”. This measurement is taken from the ground to the top of the withers (where the back and neck meet). 

Thank you to our donors and our horses!

Charming, Bailey and Big Bird are essential members of our program. Without our horses we could not offer this unique experience to our students and volunteers. We are very fortunate to have these wonderful horses, donated by such generous people.