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The students come to Ride to Fly because they love their time with the horses and it is a safe place. From the words of a student, who was asked which horse was their favorite horse, “Probably the horse I’m hugging right here”.  Contributions to our organization is a gift. The students and families greatly benefit from their experience with Ride to Fly.

At Ride To Fly, our horses are the backbone of our program. Each of our horses are selected and trained to provide safe and effective therapeutic/adaptive riding and horsemanship lessons for our students, and they deserve the very best care in return!


Our wonderful horses deserve a high standard of care to continue their work with the children and adults that rely on them for their therapy including:

  • Standard Veterinary Care

  • Emergency Veterinary Care

  • Hoof Care (Trimming and Shoes)

  • Chiropractic Care

  • Dental Care

  • Medications

  • Supplements

  • Feed (Hay, Senior Feed, Pelleted Feed)

  • Stall Management (regular cleaning and bedding)

  • Grooming

  • Exercise and Training

As you can see, the costs involved in keeping our horses healthy and happy are important to the work we do. This is where we can use your help. Please consider making a donation to keep our horses fit and healthy for our students.


How do we use your contribution?

  • $50 provides hay for one day

  • $150 provides stall bedding for one week

  • $300 provides medications for one month

  • $600 provides vaccinations for six months

  • $1200 sponsors one horse for one month

We appreciate your consideration and support so very much. The Ride To Fly therapy horses all give an enthusiastic whinny of gratitude as well!


On behalf of Prince Charming, Bailey, and Truely, we thank you for being an important partner of Ride To Fly!


With Gratitude,


The Ride To Fly Team

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