"There is an important lesson children learn at Ride to Fly, which is that there are no limits and they can achieve many things." –Sue Inclan, Mother


What is therapeutic riding?

To see individuals with disabilities ride horses is truly an unforgettable experience. Not only do they sit taller and smile more, they extend their dreams beyond the confines of their disability, into new unexplored worlds. Riding exercises the spirit as well as the body. This established treatment method is recognized and supported by medical doctors, psychiatrists, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, and teachers. Horseback riding improves balance, muscle tone, strength, range of motion and circulation. Emotionally, students benefit from the increased self-esteem, confidence, concentration, patience and discipline. The horse has the wonderful ability to allow the student to unconditionally bond and form a loving friendship, promoting trust. And perhaps most important... it's fun!

Who can ride?

Individuals of all ages, generally starting at age 4, with a wide range of physical, cognitive and/or emotional disabilities benefit from therapeutic horseback riding. The types of disabilities and conditions include (but are not limited to): amputations, autism, brain

injuries, cardiovascular accident/stroke, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, emotional disabilities, hearing impairments, learning disabilities, mental retardation, multiple

sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, post polio speech impairments, spina bifida, spinal cord injuries, and visual impairments.

What is the cost?

We offer half-hour private or shared mounted and non-mounted lessons with generally no more than two students (please visit the link Be a Student - Lessons for more info). Currently, the fee is $500 for a ten week session due at the first lesson. The fee for our Horse Care Training program is $60 per day due at the beginning of the quarter for the number of days that they commit to. We offer scholarships for low income families and individuals. 

How to sign up

Before participating in horseback riding activities, individuals need to consult with their physicians.  We require each prospective student to present a complete medical history and a signed physician's statement prior to being accepted into the program. Please go to the link Be a Student - Application Form to download the forms.